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bintec HotSpot Solution

Public Internet access via WLAN HotSpot

  • Customer specific login page at first login
  • Simple user subscription via web browser
  • Charged mode with PayPal integration
  • Cost-free mode with SMA verification
  • Subscription via RADIUS authentication
  • Subsidiary support
  • Own customer administration section

bintec HotSpot Solution

Public Internet access via WLAN HotSpot

The bintec HotSpot Solution allows the operation of public HotSpots - easy to set up, powerful, flexible configuration options.

Surfing expressingly requested!

Expand your service - Internet is always a plus
Whether in hotels, cafés, restaurant or in shopping centers: If you provide your customers with a public WLAN HotSpot for Internet access, either free of charge or against payment, this constitutes an attactive service offer for your customers and gives you a competitive edge.

The bintec HotSpot solution allows the operation of public HotSpots for Internet access via WLAN – it is easy to set up, powerful, provides flexible configuration options and is compatible with the current legal requirements regarding data protection and telecommunications data retention.

The Internet access at the HotSpot can be offered as free service or operated as charged internet access (volume/time). The solution is subsidiary-capable, which means that it can be offered on various sites and administrated centrally.

System principle of the bintec HotSpot Solution

The bintec HotSpot Solution typically consists of a locally installed bintec router used as a HotSpot gateway and of the bintec HotSpot server that automatically manages the Internet access of the gateway.

If guests want to use the HotSpot, they are initially lead to the customer individual login page. After sucessfully entering the login data of their tickets, they are granted free Internet access for the agreed duration or data volume.

The HotSpot gateway transfers the login data to the HotSpot server via RADIUS. After successful login, the gateway forwards all Internet requests directly into the Internet. The duration of the connection is determined via the session time indicated in the scope of the RADIUS authentication. Moreover, the gateway makes periodical evaluations of the individual users, thus permitting volume-based session termination.

An administration terminal – e.g. the reception desk PC in the hotel – is used for the administration of the operator account on the server: Logging of registrations, creation of tickets, statistical evaluation, etc.

The HotSpot server

As shown in the above figure, the operation of the bintec HotSpot Solution requires both a HotSpot gateway and a HotSpot server. The server performs the HotSpot user administration and stores all data needed for compliance with the legal provisions for telecommunications data retention.

The HotSpot Server is located central in a modern high-availability computing center connected to the Internet via redundant data links. The utilization of the HotSpot Server requires a HotSpot license.

The user frontend and the generating of tickets

Operators of a Teldat HotSpot can choose between several user interfaces and methods of generating tickets.

The simplest option is to create a ticket for each guest individually. The hotel receptionist logs onto the HotSpot Server administration portal and generates a ticket for the guest, entering their personal information. The receptionist then prints out the ticket and presents it to the guest. Alternatively, operators can print out a large number of tickets at once from the HotSpot's administration portal to have a ready supply of vouchers at hand. This method saves time, but the tickets are not personalized.

As soon as the guest connects to the hotel's wireless network and attempts to visit a web page, the HotSpot will display its login page. In the simplest scenario, the HotSpot Gateway (router) will generate and display the registration screen using an HTML frameset. Administrators of the HotSpot Solution can use the HTML frameset on the right to display anything they choose such as information on the hotel. Users can access the internet until the ticket expires by simply entering their login information.
As alternative to the classical subscription method it is possible to switch off the HTML frame of the gateways. The subscription page will be delivered by the HotSpot Server then. At this operation mode are many subscription methods available to establish a cost-free or a charged internet access.
Cost-free HotSpot: Subscription by confirmation of the General Terms and Conditions.
Cost-free HotSpot: subscription by email address.
Cost-free HotSpot: Subscription by verification via email.
Charged HotSpot: Payment via PayPal
Beside the two standard designs with grey or blue background images the customer is able to create own, customer specific designs with arbitrary background images and texts.

bintec HotSpot Solution - Features

HotSpot Gateway
  • Simple user login via web browser
  • Redirecting to an operator-specific login page during first login
  • Multilingual for international guests (German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch)
  • Login window as HTML frameset or without frameset, 100% adjustable to operator needs
  • Automatic re-subscription optimized for tablet PC user
  • Multiple login of one user is prevented
  • Time credits remain valid if the user logs off or the connection is terminated
  • Re-usability of opened tickets
  • The user needs to consent to the terms and condition during the login
  • Secure registration via RADIUS authentication
HotSpot Server
  • Cost-free and charged HotSpot mode
  • Automated mode by different subscription methods (e.g. SMS verification)
  • Integrtated PayPal payment option
  • Several tariffs can be configured for every customer (e.g. 24-hour ticket, 1-hour ticket or volume-based ticket)
  • A separate administration section is available for each customer in order to create and manage the tickets manually
  • Print function for the manually created user tickets
  • Several locations can be configured for every customer (subsidiary support). The central maintenance allows e.g. to use a once purchased ticket also at other locations.

Scalability of the bintec HotSpot Solution

You can customize the bintec HotSpot Solution to match the size of your business and your specific requirements. For less intensive use with only a handful of guests online, all you need is an RS232jw router to set up your HotSpot gateway. The advantage of this affordable option is that a wireless access point is already included with the router. For larger deployments and buildings, you can use additional access points in combination with the RS232jw router. To provide access to an even greater number of guests simultaneously, select one of the more powerful bintec routers and use the WLAN Controller to manage all the various access points in the system from a central location. 

Sample configurations:
  • RS353jw inclusivly usage of integrated WLAN Access Points for 30 guests max. simultaneously
  • RS353j/R1202 as HotSpot Gateway and WLAN Controller, additional bintec Access Points for 200 guests max. simultaneously
  • RXL12100 as HotSpot Gateway and WLAN Controller, additional bintec Access Points for 300 guests max. sumultaneously
  • RXL12100 usage as HotSpot Gateway exclusivly for 900 guests simultaneously. On installation an additional router is needed as WLAN Controller. Furthermore a 100Mbit/s internet connection should be used in this case.

Legal considerations and information on operating a HotSpot

Preliminary Note
The explanations given below do not constitute legal advice. They merely provide general information. If required, legal advice should be obtained from a specialist lawyer.

Notification Requirements for the Operation of a Hot Spot
In some countries, the operation of a public HotSpot must be reported to the regulatory authority for telecommunications.

General Terms and Conditions
It is reasonable to request the HotSpot user to actively confirm by clicking that he/she has read the general terms and conditions of the operator. The bintec HotSpot solution is technically designed for this purpose. The general terms and conditions should for example include a remark that Internet access using the bintec HotSpot solution is transferred without encryption and that the users are personally responsible for the additional encryption of their data.

Copyright infringement notices
Operators of public wireless hotspots are increasingly receiving notifications of copyright infringement as a result of P2P networks being accessed through their systems. Bintec HotSpots protect operators from unwarranted claims by controlling access to the internet and automatically logging users


HotSpotHosting 2yr 1 location (5500000861)

HotSpot solution hosting fee for 2 year and 1 location

HotSpotHosting 1yr 1 location (5510000198)

HotSpot solution hosting fee for 1 year and 1 location

Additional HotSpot location (5510000199)

Additional location for the HotSpot solution (551000198, 5500000861) valid for one year

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